Halal Meat Delivery All over the GTA

We are now delivering to:

- Toronto, Downtown, North York, Scarborough

- Pickering, Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa

- Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughn

- Brampton, Mississauga

At Surma Supermarket we put the pride in providing. We have been serving the South Asian community for over 25 years and we are glad to have built such a loyal customer base that has supported us all the way. We'd like to thank our customers for many years of continued appreciation.

As a big step forward, we have decided to bring you the exact same excellent service we provide in store, now directly to your door. 

Bengali Vegetables

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All Halal Products

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Frozen Goat 2Lbs
Goat Shoulder 2Lbs
Beef Boneless (Cubes)
Beef With Bone 3Lbs
Chicken Breast 2Lbs
Whole Chicken
Boneless Chicken Thigh 3Lb
Veal Bone-In 3 Lb
Chicken Drumsticks 4Lbs
Lamb Shank 2Lb (Cut In Pieces)
Chicken Leg 6 Pieces
Lamb Shoulder 2Lb

Halal Chicken

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Chicken Breast 2Lbs
Whole Chicken
Boneless Chicken Thigh 3Lb
Chicken Drumsticks 4Lbs
Chicken Leg 6 Pieces
Hard Chicken Large
Chicken Wings 3Lbs
Zabiha Halal Chicken Burgers 800G
Chicken Liver
Ground Chicken 3Lbs Beef
Zabiha Halal Chicken Nuggets 800G
3 Hard Chicken Small

Halal Beef

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Beef Boneless (Cubes)
Beef With Bone 3Lbs
Ground Beef 3Lbs
Beef Liver 1Lb
Beef Eye Of Round
Cow Feet 4Lb Beef

Frozen Fish

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Ayre 500G Block Fish
Ayre 500gRose In stock
Ayre Fish Whole Frozen Wholefish
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Bacha Fish 500G Block
Bacha Fish 500gRose In stock
Baila 500G Block Fish
Baila 500gRose In stock
Balachaung 250G Shutki (2 Pack) Dry Fish
Basa Filet 3.75 Lb
Bata 500G Block Fish
Bata 500gRose In stock, 21 units
Bata Egg 250G Block Fish
Bata Egg 200gRose In stock
Batashi 250G 2 Pack Block Fish
Batashi 250gRose In stock
Boal 500G Block Fish
Boal 500gRose In stock
Boal Fish Whole Frozen Wholefish
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Bulaicha 250G 2 Pack Block Fish
Bulaicha 250gRose In stock
Chanda 250G 2-Pack Block Fish
Chanda 250gRose In stock, 26 units
Chapila 250G 2-Pack Block Fish
Chapila 250gRose In stock
Chiring 250G 2-Pack Block Fish
Chiring 250gRose In stock
Chiring 500G Block Fish
Chiring 500gRose In stock
Chitol 500G Block Fish
Chitol 500gRose In stock
Chitol Fish Whole 4 Kg+ Frozen Wholefish
Deshi Puti 250G 2-Pack Block Fish
Deshi Puti 250gRose In stock
Deshi Puti 500G Block Fish
Deshi Puti 500gRose In stock
Dry Chury Fish Shutki (2 Pack)
Dry Keski Fish Shutki (2 Pack)
Dry Lotia Fish Shutki (2 Pack)
Dry Shoil Fish Shutki (2 Pack)
Frozen Deshi Puti Whole 250G 2-Pack Block Fish
Frozen Deshi Puti Whole Clean 500G Wholefish
Frozen Keski Whole 250G 2-Pack Block Fish
Frozen Koi Whole 500G Wholefish
Frozen Koi Whole 500G Wholefish
Frozen Tilapia 3 Lbs Wholefish
Golden Pompano Whole 400-500G Frozen Wholefish
Gulsha Tengra 500G Block Fish
Gulsha Tengra 500gRose In stock
Hilsa 500G Block Fish
Hilsa 500gRose In stock
Hilsa Fish Whole Frozen Wholefish
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Indian Silver Pomfret 2-Piece Frozen Wholefish
Kaikka 250G 2 Pack Block Fish
Kaikka 250gRose In stock
Kajuli 250G 2-Pack Block Fish
Kajuli 250gRose In stock
Kakila 250G 2 Pack Block Fish
Kakila 250gRose In stock
Koi 250G 2-Pack Block Fish
Koi 250gRose In stock
Lakkha Fish Whole 4 Kg+ Frozen Wholefish
Lotiya 500G Block Fish
Lotiya 500gRose In stock
Magur Fish 500G Block
Magur Fish 500gRose In stock
Meni Fish 500G Block
Meni Fish 500gRose In stock
Mix Fish 250G 2 Pack Block
Mix Fish 250gRose In stock
Mixed Fish 500G Block
Mixed Fish 500gRose In stock
Mola 250G 2 Pack Block Fish
Mola 250gRose In stock
Mola 500G Block Fish
Mola 500gRose In stock


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Tilda Basmati Rice 10 Lb
Tilda Basmati Rice 10 LbTilda In stock, 53 units
Pran Puffed Rice (Muri) 500G 2-Pack
Chashi Aromatic Chinigura Rice 9Lb
Pran Minicate Rice 5Kg
PRAN Minicate Rice 5kgPran In stock, 6 units
Pran Kalijeera Rice 9Lb
Aci Pure Chinigura Aromatic Rice 2Lb
Pran Chinigura Rice 9Lb
India Gate Basmati Rice Golden Sella 10Lb
India Gate Brown Basmati Rice 10Lb
Aci Pure Chinigura rice
Aci Pure Chinigura Rice 2 lbACI Pure In stock, 3 units
Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice 4Kg
Aci Pure Kalijeera Aromatic Rice 2Kg
Khalis Pakwaan Extreme Basmati Rice 10Lb
Saleem Caravan Golden Basmati Rice 10Lb
Begum Basmati Rice 40Lb
Begum Basmati Rice 40LbBegum In stock, 16 units
Daawat Sona Masuri 20Lb Masoori Rice
Lazeez Sona Masoori Rice 18Lb
India Gate Premium Basmati Rice 10Lb
Dewan Basmati Rice 10Lb
Dewan Basmati Rice 10LbDewan In stock, 15 units
Lazeez Parboiled Rice 8Lb
Lazeez 1121 Premium Basmati Rice 8Lb
Mehboob Golden Sella Basmati Rice 10Lb
Fatima Puffed Rice (Muri) 400G 2-Pack
Pran Nazirshail Rice 5Kg Najirshile
PRAN Nazirshail Rice 5kgPran In stock, 8 units
Falak Sella Extra Long Basmati 10Lb Rice
Taqwa Xxxl Grain Sella Rice 10Lb Basmati
Taqwa Xxxl Steamed Basmati Rice 10Lb
Surya Sella Basmati Rice 40Lb
Surya Sella Basmati Rice 40lbSurya In stock, 49 units
Kaveri Sona Masoori Rice 10Lb
Aci Pure Premium Minicate 5 Kg Rice
Aci Pure Najirshile Rice 5 Kg
Alishaan Delight Basmati Rice 10Lb
Banoful Kalijeera Rice 10Lb
Handi Supreme Kernel Basmati Rice 10Lb
Handi Pearl Super Basmati Rice 8Lb
India Gate Excel Basmati Rice 10Lb
Khalis Pakwaan Basmati Rice 10 Lb
Jhalak Sella Basmati Rice 10Lb
Laila Basmati Rice 8Lb
Khalis Pakwaan 1121 Parboiled Rice 10Lb
Mehman Basmati Rice 10Lb
No 817 Indian Basmati Rice 10 Lb
Parliament Rozanna Blended Basmati Rice 8Lb
Pick India Daily Basmati 10Lb Rice
Sona Basmati Rice 8Lb
Aci Pure Puffed Rice (Muri) 400G 2-Pack
Global Choice Puffed Rice (Muri) 400G 2-Pack
Mamra Puffed Rice (Muri) 400G